Wise Regional Health System, East Campus

Insurance coverage you deserve, from the insurance company you own.

Insuring is THIEs specialty; providing a comprehensive range of affordable business insurance products and services for health care entities. By focusing on a single industry, THIE brings unmatched expertise and insight into the needs and challenges health care facilities face. THIE has been matching the needs of Texas for more than 40 years.

Years of growth and progress has allowed THIE to develop our services beyond rural care; offering our insurance products to all health care entities including hospitals, home health care agencies, management companies and more. 

In 2017, THIE took the opportunity to make changes to keep up with the evolution of the services. With continued success and growth in Texas, THIE seized the opportunity to expand into Oklahoma; providing much needed services to our neighboring state's health care facilities. 

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The THIE Difference.

At THIE, our focus is on health care entities. 

Unlike insurance companies only interested in making a profit, THIE is a reciprocal exchange --meaning THIE subscribers share ownership and have a vested interest in its success.

When THIE profits, we distribute surplus back to our subscribers. Each year, through our popular subscriber surplus refund program, we are able to distribute surplus refunds to our subscribers.

Since 2011, THIE has returned a total of $5 million to our subscribers. Learn more in the THIE 2018 Annual Report.

Meet the hospital leaders who direct THIE's vision.