Even in the most safety-conscious organizations, accidents can happen. With THIE’s general liability program, your hospital is protected from claims by the general public for negligent acts or omissions arising out of your operations. THIE’s program is comprehensive, yet flexible enough to meet the unique needs of health care facilities.

With three decades of hospital-specific insurance experience, THIE has in-depth understanding of hospital risk management best practices. Our experts will help you identify potential risk exposure and minimize losses. We’ll even conduct no-charge in-service training for your staff to improve your risk management practices.

THIE coverage extends to:

  • Helipads;
  • Nursing schools;
  • Health clubs;
  • Day care centers;
  • Nursing homes;
  • Assisted living facilities;
  • Clinics; and
  • Durable medical equipment rental/sales.

Standard Features

  • Defense costs in addition to the limits;
  • No-fault medical expense payments;
  • Personal injury and advertising injury;
  • Fire damage legal liability coverage;
  • Limits of liability of up to $1,000,000/$3,000,000; and
  • Interest-free payment plans.

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