THIE’s medical professional liability insurance protects you against legal liability resulting from negligence, errors and omissions, and other aspects of rendering or failing to render professional service to your patients.

*Now offering excess liability up to $10 million.

THIE is committed to offering the most comprehensive coverage available and is supported by proactive claims handling and expert risk management and loss control services. THIE’s medical professional liability coverage protects your health care facility against legal liability allegations resulting from negligence due to a medical incident.

The THIE Difference

THIE’s team understands the unique risks for health care providers, and matches coverage to your needs. Premiums are based on your facility’s exposures and experience each year. This approach allows THIE to offer a value-added product at cost-effective premiums. Our risk management experts work with you directly to help control costs, limit claims and create a safer patient care environment.

If a medical error occurred at your hospital, could you handle the consequences?
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Standard Features

  • Coverage issued on a claims-made basis;
  • Defense costs in addition to policy limits;
  • Various deductible options;
  • Option for prior acts available;
  • Named insured consent to settle;
  • Automatic coverage for hospital employees;
  • Coverage for medical staff, including medical director (administrative only);
  • Interest-free payment plans;
  • Primary coverage limits up to $1,000,000/$3,000,000;
  • Now offering excess liability up to $10 million

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