5 Tips for Fire Prevention in the Workplace







Did you know that October 6th- 12th is National Fire Prevention Week?

To learn more about Fire Prevention Week and the National Fire Protection Association, click here. 

The Texas Department of Insurance released a list of 5 Tips for Fire Prevention in the Workplace and we knew we had to share it. 


Nine Texans died in workplace fires and explosions in 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Creating a safety plan can help keep your employees safe. 

Here are things that you can do to keep the workplace, safe:

1. Check for faulty wiring and equipment

Inspect extension cords before each use and remove faulty ones from service.

Test electrical equipment regularly. Repair damaged equipment or discard it.

2. Store flammable materials safely

When a flammable liquid spills, dangerous vapors form instantly. These vapors can easily ignite.

Cleanup should begin immediately after any spill. Contact DWC safety consultants for more information

on chemical cleanup.

3. Remove clutter

Clutter can catch fire if left too close to hot equipment. Sparks from frayed electrical wires or clashing

metal pieces can also cause fires. Empty garbage cans and remove other waste - oily rags, paper, sawdust,

solvents, paints, and cartons from work areas.

4. Assign a smoking area

Smoking materials cause about 36 percent of fires. Do not allow smoking in work areas. Assign an area outside

the building for smoking. Have fireproof containers for smokers to throw out used materials.

5. Prepare for emergencies

Make a fire emergency response plan. State how to inform employees of the fire and who calls 9-1-1. Practice

regular fire drills and make sure employees use fire exits and stairs, instead of elevators. Set an assigned meeting

place to check that all employees are safe.

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