We’ve all seen the scary headlines. A clinician’s laptop containing protected health information is lost or stolen. A disgruntled employee hacks into the hospital’s network and exposes HIPAA-protected data. Or a virus attack results in a widespread breach of patient privacy. Not only are these incidents embarrassing and harmful to a hospital’s reputation, they also result in costly fines and potential privacy-related claims.

THIE has partnered with NAS Insurance to provide health care facilities with cyber liability insurance products designed for the unique privacy-related exposures they face.

Through THIE and NAS, your facility can be protected from network hacking, cyber extortion and other privacy breaches with affordable policies that cover the regulatory defense of claims, lost profits due to negative publicity and more. Click here for an application.

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Protect your data with Cyber Liability Coverage

Visit THIE's cyber liability website to learn more about this important coverage. To access the site, visit www.thie-cyberliability.com and use your THIE policy to log in.

THIE's cyber liability program provides:

- Protection for network hacking, cyber extortion and other privacy breaches;
- Free resources provided;
- THIE gives the 1st $100k of cyber coverage for free with your medical liability insurance.
*After this, the THIE program with NAS begins and higher limits may be purchased; using the initial $100k toward your deductible.


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